What To Bring


We have extra rackets that players can borrow, but members should eventually purchase their own.


We use feather tournament grade shuttlecocks that have limited lifespans. The club has Youhe brand tournament grade shuttlecocks available for $25 per tube (12/tube). Players are all expected to contribute their own shuttlecocks during play, so please contact us ahead of time if you would like to purchase some.


Please wear non-marking athletic shoes when playing. No open toed, black soled, or hard soled shoes will be allowed on the courts.

where to buy

There are no local retailers carrying quality badminton equipment, so we recommend purchasing online. Amazon has a large selection of badminton shoes and apparel, but rackets purchased there often come unstrung or strung using less than ideal strings or tensions. Dedicated badminton stores usually offer stringing to the buyer's specific requirements at little or no additional cost.

Some US-based online merchants include:

For those willing to wait a few weeks to receive their purchase, Racquet Force is a Hong Kong-based store that ships internationally, offers highly competitive pricing that helps offset the shipping fee, and carries a wider selection of equipment and apparel than can be found in the USA.