Frequently asked questions

I'm new to badminton. Can I come play?

Absolutely! Our members encompass skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. We welcome players of any skill level!

Do I have to pay?

We collect membership dues in order to cover our court rental costs with Loyola. Learn more about our rates on our Membership page. First time is free, so come check us out and see if you like it!

Do you have rackets to rent or borrow?

The club has extra rackets to lend out, but players should eventually purchase their own. Learn more about equipment here.

My university has its own badminton courts. Why should I come play at NOBC?

As far as we know, Loyola's courts offer vastly superior playing conditions compared to other local facilities. We have tested out many other gymnasiums and sports complexes in the area to observe their viability for badminton use and found wind from A/C units, slippery flooring, and interference from nearby sports to be substantial issues impeding play. We are also the only club dedicated to badminton in the New Orleans metropolitan area, so joining is a great way to meet a more diverse group of players and elevate your game!

Are children and non-playing guests allowed?

We welcome players of all ages. Players under the age of 18 can join for the student rate of $75 / half year. Children and non-playing guests can come watch on the sidelines at no charge as long as they remain in the area of the Sports Complex designated for badminton and avoid disrupting play.

Where do I park, and how do I get in?

There is usually ample street parking nearby on Calhoun Street. Permit is required for Loyola's parking garage, so park at your own risk. Tell the staff at the front entrance that you are here for badminton. They will let you in without having to show any ID. Click here for complete directions.

Are there any COVID-19 related restrictions?

We no longer have any COVID related rules in place. Masks are NOT required.

Do I need to reserve a court ahead of time?

Nope! Our club rents the court space (four courts in total) at designated times and players simply show up and decide who to play with/against amongst themselves. Matches are played in a best two out of three format; players rotate off after the conclusion of each match in order to allow others to play.

Do you offer pro rated or family memberships?

No. As we are a non profit club operated by volunteers, it is simply too difficult for us to keep track of different membership dates and types. However, we do offer discounts for full time students. Learn more here at our membership page.

Does the facility have food or water available?

The facility has water fountains available for public use, as well as vending machines with food and drinks for sale. Please do not bring food or drinks onto the courts.

Do you offer coaching or private lessons?

Our relatively small club does not have the resources to offer formal coaching, but one of our players has kindly offered to set aside one hour of coaching time each week for anyone interested. Many of our more advanced players are also happy to offer tips and training advice, especially to beginners. We have an extra popup net and shuttle service machine available for those who would like to focus on training.

Where do you restring your rackets?

We have a very kind gentleman who restrings for a very reasonable fee. Be nice, and he may restring for you too. Otherwise, we ship them to Houston.